They Saw a Thylacine

They Saw a Thylacine on the brink of extinction. Out of the darkness, Sarah Hamilton and Justine Campbell conjure the ghost of one of Australia’s lost beauties, the thylacine. With all the suspense of a campfire story, these feisty, funny women weave a lyrical tale of adversity and extinction.

For this thylacine tracker and this zoo keeper’s daughter, it’s a quest not just to protect a threatened creature, but themselves. Rebellious and gutsy, these women face life and fight to survive.

“A rare and moving feat of theatrical storytelling” Cameron Woodhead, The Age

“This poignant parable of loss is directly applicable to our own time and place” Richard Mays, Theatreview (NZ)


Created and Performed by / Justine Campbell and Sarah Hamilton

Artistic Collaborator / Matthew Lutton

Set and Lighting Design / Matthew Adey – House of Vnholy

Sound Design / Jethro Woodward

Costume Design / Chloe Greaves

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Toured Nationally in 2016 with Performing Lines.

Awards for Thylacine

Winner: Best Performance, Melbourne Fringe 2013,

Winner:  Tour Ready Award, Melbourne Fringe 2013

Winner: Stand Out Performer, NZ Fringe 2014

Winner: Weekly Theatre Award, Adelaide Fringe 2014

Nominee: Best Female Performers, Green Room Awards 2013

Nominee: Best Writing, Green Room Awards 2013

Nominee: Best Production, Green Room Awards 2013

Nominee: Best Theatre, Adelaide Fringe 2014

Nominee: Best Regional Touring, Helpmann Awards 2017

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NORMA: You can’t stay here.
HOPE: Why not?
NORMA: It’s . . . not convenient.
HOPE: Death hardly ever is.

Two sisters are reunited by the death of their mother. Norma thinks Hope is an avaricious, solipsistic, careerist. Hope thinks Norma is a doormat who’s wasted her life. It’s going to be a difficult settling of the estate. And that’s before a body washes up on their beach.

Written by/ Justine Campbell and Sarah Hamilton

Direction/ Justine Campbell

Dramaturgy/ Chris Mead

Read by/ Louise Siverson, Genevieve Morris, Isabelle Ford & Honor Wolff

Presented as part of the Melbourne Theatre Companies Cybec Electric Playreading Series 2016.

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The Dust and Us

An island is bought. A house is built. A road is dug deep in the earth.

The Dust and Us explores exploitation of the place we call home,
and how it can come back and bite us on the bum.

Created by /  Justine Campbell and Sarah Hamilton

Direction / Justine Campbell

Composition / Jud Campbell

Musicians / Jud Campbell and Dane Adamo

Set and Costume Design / Owen Phillips

Lighting Design / Matthew Adey – House of Vnholy

DATES: 21-31 May, 2015 at La Mama Courthouse

For further season information and bookings, visit the La Mama website.

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A Donkey and a Parrot

A family’s survival. A donkey’s pilgrimage. A parrot’s flight.

A Donkey and a Parrot is an epic tale of escape, secret plots, swashbuckling adventure, dizzy first love, negotiations, potions and humanity. In this one woman show, Sarah Hamilton brings to life a story which has been passed down in her family for over 300 years.

A Donkey and a Parrot honours the significance of personal stories, identity and belonging.

“Jaw-dropping theatre.. Captivating from start to finish.”                                                                        Katie Spain, The Adelaide Magazine

“This is a humorous, spell-binding story immaculately told, perfect for all ages.”                                 Stephanie Taylor, Three Weeks (UK)

“quirky, witty, and charismatic”                                                                                                                Prerna Ashok, Fringe Review (UK)

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Written and Performed by /  Sarah Hamilton

Direction and Dramaturgy by /  Justine Campbell